Prague’s Top 5 Erasmus Bars


Living abroad is an adventure. Prague is an adventure all by itself within that experience.

The capital of Czech Republic is famous for its beautiful architecture, centennial astronomical clock and of course, its nightlife. If you happen to be in Prague for a weekend or a year while studying abroad, here are the top 5 party bars to start off your night:


1. Ku bar Lounge


Situated in the heart of Prague, this bar opened its doors in 2000, creating an amazing reputation with its “Mad Mondays”, which are obviously a party that begins on the first day of the week for those who dare to have an amazing time.

You will find a unique menu of cocktails, lounge snacks and the most beautiful girls around the center of Prague.


Many types of music are played throughout the night, from happy and vocal house, R&B and commercial music.


You’ll find this bar open all throughout the week, leading you to one of your best nights in town.


2. Popocafepetl


This is a friendly bar with different venues all around Prague. Its staff will always help you to translate any drink or food you want. This is a more local bar, so you will feel a different but nice ambience.

If you are looking for a quick drink this is just the place, just try to get in before 1 a.m. because that’s when it gets really crowded.


Here you can find a variety of beers and awesome music.

3. James Dean


If you are missing some US flavor, you can stop by James Dean, this bar or “diner” is also located in the Old Town Square.

Inspired by 1952 Chevrolet Bel Air’s chairs you will feel that you are in “Back to the future” movie.


A 60 piece-ceramic column will greet you as you enter to the bar with Marilyn Monroe and James Dean as the main stars.

Everything inside this place will transport you to the 50’s, from the Coca-Cola cash register to an original jukebox. And of course, all the pop art of the famous Andy Warhol.


If you feel that the party can’t be allowed to stop, just walk down the basement. Here, you will feel that you are entering in a US petrol station.


Down in the basement, the music plays more along a club style.


4. M1 Club Prague


This is another bar that opens up every day of the week. Here, you will find a luxurious and upscale environment with different DJ’s every week. Their cocktail bar is pretty large, accompanied by an enormous dance floor where you will have no option except dance!

The music goes either from R&B, Hip Hop and House. If you want to go to this place you will need to remember that sports clothes and hats are not permitted.



5. Chapeau Rouge


Inside this bar you will find different levels, and the cool thing is that every level has its own type of music. Sometimes if you move from level to level you will need to pay a fee of around 3 euros depending if there is an event going on.

Many events take place in this venue, so the place is pretty swamped all the time!


Be warned: you will have to struggle through the crowd for a beer or cocktail.

Music flows from jazz to minimal to house, so you will have the option to choose what you want to listen to.



So there you go! This are our top 5 bars for Erasmus students, where you will surely have a great time.


Which one would you like to go to first? Tell us!


Keep rollin ‘till you find something you love…


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