La Playita, the best beach club in Bacalar

Bacalar is one of those destinations that simply blows your mind.

It boggles. It amazes. It leaves you without breath.

And that’s because the seven-colored lagoon has an unexpected beauty, worthy of any Caribbean beach. Minus the salt, of course. We decided to take a vacation here after hearing nothing but wonderful things from all those who had visited (check out our article on how to get there here!)

But once there, we discovered a place like no other: La Playita Beach Club.

Not only is it a beach club (or lagoon club, rather), but it’s a fantastic display of gastronomic supremacy.

That means, the food is simply delicious.

Let’s start off with the entrance.

To enter the venue, you have to first go through what appears to be a tropical jungle.

Then, you’ll be greeted by the inside of the restaurant, the part under a roof.

Fun fact: this is where the bar is. *wink wink*

Once outside, the tables get their comfortable shadow from the gigantic rubber tree, which looms over the entire patio.

Then let’s top that off with the view.

No, we are not kidding. This is for real.

Can you BELIEVE this!?

Your very own private dock, right there on the lagoon. O.M.G.

We started off with marlin tacos al pastor, a traditional Mexican seasoning with a tropical twist.

They were, of course, scrumptious.


We followed this up with queso fundido (melted cheese), which was accompanied by olived shrimp.

Melt in your mouth delicious.


After this, we decided to try their famous shrimp tacos, called Camarones Tiki.

And they were everything they hoped they’d be. And then some.


Going a little out of the ordinary, we chose to try the Argentinian empanadas.

This was the spinach one, which has onion, parmesan cheese, white bechamel sauce and mozzarella.

Sooooooo good.


Their guacamole is one heavenly generous serving, made for two.

And it comes with sweet potato and yuca chips.


And then their seafood tostadas

Shrimp, ceviche and octopus.

Wow. Just, wow.


The beach’s club slogan is COME. BEBE.  NADA.

Which literally translated to EAT. DRINK. SWIM. How perfect is that?

And that is precisely what we did. Eat, drink and swim around.

If you’re ever in Bacalar, this is one of the places you CANNOT, SHOULD NOT miss.

Not only because it’s downright amazing and the food will blow you palate into another dimension, but also because it’s actually really cheap! (We were there the entire day – you saw how much we ordered – and only ended up paying about $1,000 MXN per person – around 48 USD!).

You’ll find this amazing spot on Centro, 77930 Bacalar, Quintana Roo, Mexico. For more information, visit La Playita’s website or social media.

Keep rolling till you find something you love…

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