The 13 things you HAVE to do in Bacalar

There are times when the only thing we want is to go as far away as possible, escaping from the problems and hectiness of everyday life.

And Bacalar is the perfect place to forget about the city chaos that surrounds us.

The enchanting Pueblo Mágico (“Magic Town” in Spanish) located in Quintana Roo is famous, above all else, for its beautiful lagoon, which is also known as The Seven Colored Lagoon. And this is due not to the fact that it shows every color in the prism spectre, but rather, seven different hues of lovely blue.

These are the 13 things you absolutely HAVE to do while in gorgeous Bacalar:

1. Take a sailboat around the water

Aside from it being a way in which you won’t pollute the water, since its engine is precisely the wind itself, it’s an adventure getting to see up close how the tones of blue change depending on the depth of the water and the rays of the sun.


2. Plunge in the Cenote Negro

This is one of the three cenotes located inside the lagoon, also known as the Cenote de las Brujas (Witch Cenote), due to the belief of old witches and chamans performing rituals in this spot.

The most breathtaking thing you’ll see is how the water changes drastically from the two-meter depth falls abruptly unto a 90-meter one.


3. Sigh with one of its beautiful sunrises

The sun will be the first thing to lighten the horizon over the crystalline water of Bacalar. And it’ll paint everything from black to gold. Believe us when we tell you, you do not want to miss it.


4. Walk over the Pirate Cannal

Believe it or not, despite it being a lagoon, Bacalar used to be ransacked by all types of pirates. This is due to the fact that is ends in the Río Hondo, the natural border between Mexico and Belize, where the famous (and very real) Pirates of the Caribbean where located.


5. Stroll through the San Felipe Fort

So, clearly, if you’ve already found the spot where all the buccaneers wandered into town, it’s worth it to pay a visit to the fort that was built to protect the town from these lily-livered, parrot loving blaggards.

Inside you’ll also find the true story on the pirate attacks. It’s dye, for like, clothes and stuff. And no, it’s no joke. People died over it.


6. Meet the living being that created life

Stromatolites are one of the oldest living beings on Earth, and one of the first signs of life on the planet.

This cyanobacteria absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen – which basically means they created all the air we breathe today. In México, you can only find them in the Bacalar Lagoon, in Cuatro Ciénegas in Coahuila and in the Chichankanab Lagoon, also located in Quintana Roo.


7. Visit the Isle of Birds

La Isla de los Pájaros is a place where the water reaches just underneath your knees, while the soft beating of wings and the whispers of the birds envelop you. It was named like this because it’s the home of different types of birds, like parrots, sparrows, herons and even owls.


8. Discover the white shells in its bottom

We heard that the whiteness of its soft sandy bottom is owed mainly to this pretty white shells, which you’ll be able to find throughout the 42 square kilometers of its surface.


9. Have a scrumptious meal at La Playita

It’s really a beach club, and not a beach per se. But this restaurant, with its beautiful dock and delicious food, is a stop you will not regret making. Check out our review here.


10. Swim in the Sian Ka’an Bakhalal Reserve

Photo: Ecoturismo Cancun

In spite of it being a little bit far, this place is absolutely worth it. This protected natural space was declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site over thirty years ago. And it’s not hard to imagine why.


11. Dive in the Cenote Azul

This ecological/tourist spot is one of the prettiest in the entire lagoon. Its diameter reaches 200 meters, and its depth 90. Not bad for anyone who loves to dive underwater to discover new worlds.


12. Travel to Mahahual

If you get a little tired of Bacalar’s freshwater – although we seriously doubt it – then maybe it’s time for a saltier experience.

For this, we recommend traveling to Mahahual, a beach that’s described as paradise, just a couple of hours from Bacalar. It’s also a perfect spot for snorkeling thanks to its lovely reefs.


13. Swing at Los Aluxes

This is one of the most iconic places in the entire lagoon. This hotel and beach club has two gorgeous and romantic swings from which you’ll be able to admire the view while swaying softly.

And even though Bacalar carries seven different types of blue, from navy and sapphire to clear and crystalline, there are more than seven things to do here.

And that’s what makes Bacalar the perfect escape.


Also, if you want to see how we got there, check out this article!


Keep rolling till you find something you love…

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