Carmen Jordá, the female F1 driver that’ll make your heart race

Motorsport has a new face.

And, yes, it’s female.

Carmen Jordá is the rising Spaniard that’s taking racing driving to a whole new level.

If you’re a F1 fan, then you *have* to watch this girl conquer some of the hardest curves in motorsport.

Carmen has become an inspiration on the move inside a discipline with very low female participation.

The desire to train and always improve has her straining to be better and better. That’s why she loves being at the gym, running or cycling. Two workouts per day keep her focused and maintain her strength at its best in order to handle the sport’s exhausting demands.

You might think driving doesn’t really require a lot of muscle – after all, it’s just putting your hands on the wheel, right?

But you’d be wrong. It requires focused training, tons of flexibility, mobility and sharp reflexes in order to get the right muscles for it.

A yoga session in the morning and specific motorsport exercises in the afternoon are required to manage the G-force than an F1 car creates. Add some pilates and this makes her one of the best in this full throttle sport.

Although she’s immersed in a “male” sport, her experiences have always been positive. With a lot of support and a high reknown given her gender, Adidas decided to make her the new face of its Stella McCartney line. Not only is she an amazing athlete – she’s also become quite sexy and supported by an awesome brand.

Always looking forward, you’ll certainly be seeing a lot of this girl this year.

Stay tuned, and watch this athlete rise in this exciting sport.

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