11 facts you didn’t probably know about Cuernavaca

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Spring has arrived, and there’s no better place to hear the birds singing, watch the petals bloom and feel the weather warming up than Cuernavaca.

Also known as the city of eternal spring, the capital of Morelos is much more than just a place to escape the busy chaos of Mexico City.


Which is why we present 11 facts you probably didn’t know about Cuernavaca:


1. It’s one of the oldest cities in the country

A chichimeca tribe first established it in the 12th century, when Cuernavaca used to be called Cuauhnáhuac. Its name translates to “city by the trees”.


2. Its inhabitants are referred to as fruit

More specifically, guayabos. Which means, “guava trees”. In spite of the official title being cuernavascence, this local manner of referring to people from Cuernavaca as fruit or fruit trees became increasingly popular due to the abundant amount of such trees in this area.


3. It was the home of conquerors and emperors

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The very same Hernán Cortés and Maximilian I of Mexico, the first emperor of the country. They left behind memories of their stay, such as the Borda Gardens and the Cortes Palace, both located in the city’s historic centre.


4. And famous muralists


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Like David Alfaro Siqueiros. You can see his work at La Tallera Proyecto Siqueiros, a museum located on Venus 52, Jardines de Cuernavaca.


5. And intelligent psychoanalysts

Erich Fromm lived in Cuernavaca during the fifties, before moving to Mexico City to found the Mexican Psychoanalysis Society.


6. And reknowned architects

Like Gustave Eiffel. Yes, the one who made the Eiffel Tower in Paris. And in Cuernavaca his creation was the kiosk of the Juárez Garden, located in the city’s centre.


7. Its nickname is German

Explorer and naturalist Alexander von Humboldt was the one who dubbed it The City of Eternal Spring, after a brief stay in 1803.


8. Its cathedral was founded almost five centuries ago

And it was founded by the first friar monks that ever came to Mexico, back in 1525.


9. It has the second largest fair in the country


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The Tepalcingo fair is the second grandest in Mexico, right behind the San Marcos fair in Aguascalientes. Oh, alright. Tepalcingo is one of the state’s municipalities, but it’s pretty close to Cuernavaca 🙂


10. It has several sister cities

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Its international sister cities include Minoh in Japan, Denver in USA, Cordoba in Spain and  Szentendre in Hungary.


11. And it has two international consulates


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Cuernavaca serves as headquarters to El Salvador and Ivory Coast’s consulates.


This is why when it comes to spring, there’s no better place than the city where it is eternal.


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