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Hawaii, sun, perfect waves, friends and family… it may sound like a dream for anyone.

But it’s a reality for John John Florence, pro surfer and elite wave athlete.

Look mom I did it !! Haha @alexandra_florence What a crazy day today was for me, this has been my dream since I was a little kid growing up in Hawaii watching Kelly and Andy battle for world titles and to win one today is crazy I’m still in shock! I couldn’t have accomplished it with out all of the support I’ve had through out my surfing career @alexandra_florence @nathan_florence @ivflorence3 @brandonwasserman @erik_knutson_ @pyzelsurfboards @lauryncribb @eli_olson @kiron_jabour @koarothman @koatree @peteyjohnson_ @spencerklein_83 @patchy_o @peterkingphoto @bededurbo @blakevincentkueny I could carry this list on for along time but this is a start to everyone I’d like to thank. Most of all this has been one of the most fun years of my life and stoked to get to enjoy it with my friends and family!

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In spite of only being 24 years-old, Florence has become one of the most emblematic surfers around the globe.

It seems that this kid started surfing even before he could walk!  Born in Honolulu into an all-time surfer family, he began surfing Pipeline at the short age of 10.

Just three years after, he became the youngest Vans and Pipeline competitor.

Driven by the adrenaline of the waves, he joined the World Surf League to compete against the best surfers in the world. It was just a matter of time until he began startling everybody with the fluency of his surfing, accentuated by his perfect 360-spins in the air, which he made look as easy as walking to the store.

It even looks as though he can walk on water.

Windy days in the West

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Considered a high-level sport, pro surfers need a meticulous type of training, which focuses most of the time in the balance of their bodies, knees and ankles.

But this training was not for John John.

He doesn’t like going to the gym or having training programs. “I just surf,” is what he says. And indeed he does, from dawn to dusk.

A strong mindset and an unbreakable willpower are key elements to become one of the best surfers.

You can’t get frustrated in a competition, and you must become a part of the water in order to feel when the best time for paddling and catching a wave is coming. John John knows this.

To clear his mind, he occasionally sails with his family and friends along the beautiful Hawaiian coasts. Florence compares sailing with surfing, because you need to know when and how the wind is going to blow and learn how to go with it, never taking your eyes away from your goal.

On our way to Tahiti? #askwhatif

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With the recent title of 2016 World Surf League Men’s Champion and many more in his repertoire, this kid is living the dream.

A reality of endurance, hard work, but most importantly, having fun.

It’s been a fun summer!! 📷 @erik_knutson_

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Check out his videos and movies. We’re sure you’ll love them.

“View From A Blue Moon” Trailer from John John Florence on Vimeo.


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