#BeachStyle: Baywatch Babe

With the Baywatch movie out this year and all the fuzz that always surround beaches, sun and a whole lotta fun, we thought we’d do a red swimsuit + beach inspired look with its accompanying photoshoot.

So, we went out to the Mayan Riviera for a wedding (check out our full video HERE!) and pulled off the ultimate #Baywatch photoshoot.

Like, we even borrowed one of those floating things lifeguards use.

BABEwatch, or what?

And while I may not be Pamela Anderson – or today’s Kelly Rohrbach or Alexandra Daddario – I did feel sexy as hell and capable of rescuing anyone. (I’m a pretty good swimmer, by the way, which probably helped pump up my confidence).


All photos were taken by @aldimontiel. Make sure to check out his feed 😉

For more details on the outfit, see below!

– Swimsuit: Tommy Hilfiger Swimwear

– Sunglasses: found in a Tepoztlán thrift shop 😉


In the end, it was a fun thing to do and gave us a bunch of amazing photos.

Keep rolling till you find something you love…


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