This minimalistic clothing brand is taking Mexico by storm


A new Mexican clothing brand with an amazing minimalistic style has come to stay.

Meet Mosaique Mexico.

Mexico isn’t just about wonderful sceneries, amazing people, and great culture and incredible nature. It’s also home to some of the best artists around the globe.

Mosaique Mexico is a 100% Mexican brand born in Toluca. It isn’t defined by any occasion, but rather focuses on the pleasure of living and enjoying all that is good.

These fellas focused their main items on hoodies and t-shirts with great designs.

Their passion: minimalism and geometry.

The idea became a reality through a joint venture with Ideen MKT, creating a company that would encompass minimalism, geometry and vinyl cuts with the coolest designs. Thanks to the functionality of the stamp process for clothes, this project became what is now known as Mosaique MX.

So, no matter if it’s for school, parties or just enjoying the weekend, Mosaique MX will suit you best!

✖️ Ropa adecuada para toda ocasión. #MosaiqueMx ✖️

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They identify themselves with mosaics because of the unilateralism, functionality and geometry of the figure.

Thus, Mosaique MX includes this in every design.

And “Mexico” was included in the brand’s name so that they never forget where they came from.

Finally, in May of 2016, they opened their first online shop, where anyone can grab a few of their fabulous designs.

And they’ve been selling non-stop ever since.

This Mexican brand plans to put the Mexican flag above all others with this minimalistic approach. And it’s certainly in the way to achieve it.

Just take a look!








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