10 best places for drinking beer

Happy Beer Day!

The International Beer Day is almost upon us, which is celebrated the on August’s first Friday. In spite of this holiday originally starting in the United States, today it is known all over the world due to its three purposes: unify nations under the banner of beer, celebrate all those involved in the fabrication process, and get together with your friends to enjoy a cold, cold beer.

Which is why we’ve compiled the top 10 places in the world to enjoy an exquisite malt beverage:


1. Prague, Czech Republic


This country may be small, but it’s a giant when it comes to beer. With local creations such as Czechvar, Pilsner Urquell and Staropramen, the only thing you’ll be missing is the time to try them all.


2. Munich, Germany

The cradle of Oktoberfest, this city has an entire month dedicated to drinking beer. During this season, you drink märzen style beer, which is fermented in March so it can be enjoyed during October. Hence, the name and the incredible taste.


3. Baja California, Mexico

If you are more of a craft beer type of person, then Baja is paradise for you. With independent brewers who create fantastic mixtures of barley, malt and several other ingredientes, the only thing you’ll have a hard time doing here is picking your favorite.


4. Texas, United States

Same as Baja, but in English. Texas is a beer-loving state, with renowned brands like Shiner, Southern Star, Karbach and Real Ale.


5. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Allende y Dos Aves are two of the most famours breweries from here. And they do taste like everything that’s good in San Miguel – like beautiful cathedrals, cobblestone strees and sunny days.

Find out how to visit San Miguel de Allende without falling madly in love.


6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Picture a warm summer’s evening sitting on a café on the side of the canal, surrounded by your best friends with a beer in your hand. Can it get any better than this?

Amsterdam is the home to locally brewed craft beers, which means you won’t be bored here 😉


7. Dublin, Ireland

One word: Guinness. And the luck of the Irish will certainly be with you once you enjoy a pint of this strong, dark beer.



8. Vienna, Austria

There’s a beer style called Vienna Lager. Which can only mean one thing: Vienna is one of the mother cities for the beers we enjoy nowadays. And the proof resides in that Austrian brewers have less restrictions for production than in other countries, such as Germany, which results in more styles of beer!

Fall in love with local brands like Ottakringer, Gösser, Puntigamer and Murauer.


9. Brussels, Belgium

It’s not surprising that beer flows straight from the pipes in this city. And no, we’re not kidding – now, Belgian citizens protect their historical centre by getting beer straight from their faucet instead of getting it via trucks.

Also, Belgium is one of the countries that has waved around the beer banner for the longest and the strongest.


10. Melbourne, Australia

Australia enjoys the pleasures of beer since colonial times. Today, the cosmopolitan town of Melbourne – and in my personal opinion, the “Australian San Francisco” -, shines amongst bubbles and foam with the amount of brewers it has. Check out Mountain Goat Beer, Sundance Brewing and Red Island Brewery to live the dream.


And even though this August 4th we all have an excuse to celebrate with friends, this shouldn’t limit the occasions to enjoy an exquisite beer. Especially when, according to Benjamin Franklin, beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.


So, cheers!


Keep rolling till you find something you love…


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