This is a place where everything comes together. We decided to step outside of the box (or in a more specific case, the dreaded cubicle) and do the things we enjoy the most. Which basically encompasses eating and traveling.

We work under a win-win/favor chain philosophy, where we aim to promote anything and everything that is awesome: new businesses, entrepreneurial proposals, performers, friends, and simply amazing people with incredible projects. The purpose is helping others spread the word about their lives, work and passions.

Our motto, Keep rolling ’til you find something you love, aims to inspire others to escape their comfort zone, daring to live a life full of new adventures, discovering new venues and taking the plunge towards the unknown. It beats staying at the office, doesn’t it?

Whether it’s sports, music, art, gastronomy, travel, or even dirty underwear, we desire to give our readers the best reviews on anything that is interesting and worthwhile.

So there you have it.

Keep rolling till you find something you love. AND DON’T STOP THERE.